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Another Auction by CRIPPLE CREEK AUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS Please Read: After 15 years of selling internationally and shipping items all over the world, we are sad to announce that we have decided to discontinue shipping to countries or buyers outside of the United States. The reason for this decision is based on the current policies of Ebay and Paypal. Ebay and Paypal require that Sellers provided tracking information and insurance on all items sold. The only way to get tracking information on items shipped outside of the United States is by shipping an item by Priority Mail. This is expensive. And, because of all the fraudulent activity of dishonest Sellers and claims by dishonest bidders that items are not being received – when in fact the item has been delivered, we can understand why Paypal and Ebay would require tracking information. This decision by Ebay and Paypal was instituted to protect everyone – both the Buyer and the Seller. The only problem is that the policy that requires Sellers to provide tracking information in the event of a claim – it has drastically increased the cost of shipping items to Buyers who live outside of the United States. But now there is another problem in the fact that Ebay is starting their Global Dashboard, in which Sellers are being rated by international buyers and one of the questions is the question regarding the Cost of Shipping. Because priority mail is expensive, but required by Ebay and Paypal, International Bidders are giving low marks on the cost of shipping. We do not feel that this is a fair way to rate Sellers, whcn Sellers are required to provide tracking information and thus are limited to ship their items by Priority Mail – in order to be protected. It is a no-win situation for Sellers – and thus – we feel the only feasible way to protect our interest and reputation is to cease selling and shipping to International Bidders. We wish the best of luck to all International Bidders. Perhaps Ebay and Paypal will come up with a more equitable solution in the future, and if they do, we will start offering items to International Bidders once again. This is a neat Older 1960′s Era The Royal Traveler EMBOSSED HARDWOOD MAH JONGG SET This game was made by the A&L Manufacturing Co. New York The box has a couple stains and one corner is torn on the box lid and we have shown a picture of this box. Inside, there is a replacement manual, but it is not the original manual. The is a newer manual and it is dated 1984 and was printed by a different company. Also in the box are the following pieces 4 colored tile holders Miscellenous papers on playing strategy Dice 162 Tiles My Policies: All items are shipped by delivery confirmation. In case of damage, all packing material must be saved and contact us at rmihrig@aol.com and instructions will be given. In the majority of cases, we will ask that you return the item for a refund. All items shipped to Colorado requires that we collect Colorado Sales Tax. Thank you for your understanding. Payment is required within 7 days via paypal at rmihrig@aol.com Please Note: To help everyone understand our type of business we need to inform bidders that we sell used items, our items come from people and individual collectors and not companies. The items are not new in the box and nothing we have ever sold has been perfect or mint. We try and list any major defect – but every item has been used and will show degree of wear. And, sometimes it is hard to describe the degree of wear or use and everyone’s perception and standards are different. So, if you are concerned about specific details of any item, please email us and we will try and answer your questions. We say this because some people believe that when they buy items on ebay they expect them to look new – even if they are 50 years old. So please understand that our items are old and used and none are perfect. Another auction from Cripple Creek Auctions, Inc. 21517 E. Wanderlust Place – Parker, Colorado 80138 720-984-4060 Powered by eBay Blackthorne 04.04.004

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